My Child Matters Award

IPONET was one of ten proposals selected by Sanofi Espoir Foundation and the International Society of Pediatric Oncology Nursing Committee (SIOP) for the My Child Matters Award for Pediatric Oncology Nurses in the year 2016-2017.

“The process of proposal review and select was highly competitive, as we received a large umber of applications. Your project seems poised to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.”


Launch of IPONET

IPONET (Iraqi Pediatric Oncology Nursing Education and Training) is a project of Baghdad Resolve: An International Collaboration to Improve Cancer Care in Iraq. The project was launched in July 2016 with a series of meetings/workshops in Amman Jordan, by a team of six oncology nurses and five oncologists/ hematologists from Children’s Welfare Teaching Hospital (CWTH), Medical City, Baghdad, working with international partners.

We commissioned artist Nihad Dukhan, to create this calligraphy for our new project IPONET, asking him to combine Baghdad Resolve with a phrase that staff at CWTH agreed summed up our sentiments: A tree begins with a seed. His worked with this idea in mind: Baghdad Resolved - Baghdad is waking/getting up (from sitting or sleeping or defeat and destruction and rubbles), beginning the process of standing and re-growing, recollecting, shedding off problems.

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Baghdad to Bach

September 18, 2015: Dr. Mazin was with us in person for our second concert of music performed by Peter Blanchette with spoken words from and on behalf of Iraq and Iraqis.

We were joined by the Clarinet Workshop, composed of students from the Northampton Community Music Center. Their coach/teacher MaryEllen Miller got involved in ICAE in 2009 when she had her sixth-grade students "sound" an Iraqi mural hanging at the Smith College Campus School.

Let Me Tell You About Baghdad

September 17, 2015 - An informal talk with Dr. Mazin Al-Jadiry and Claudia Lefko in conjunction with the exhibit Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here.

More about the project is available at the Al-Muntanabbi Street Starts Here website. The presentation is available on YouTube.

The Hampshire College Art Gallery is hosting the traveling exhibition, Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here, through September 30, 2015. The exhibition of 100 rare artists books, prints, and broadsides was created in response to the bombing of Al Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad in March 2007. The diverse group of artists from Europe, North American and the Middle East reveal a wide range of creative responses to the event. Al Mutanabbi Street, named after the Iraqi 10th century poet, had been the center of literary, intellectual and cultural life in Baghdad for centuries.

Photos by Ellen Augarten

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2015 Visit

The Baghdad team in Istambul

The Baghdad team in Istambul

On September 12, 2015 a team of two doctors and two nurses from the pediatric oncology unit at Children’s Welfare Teaching Hospital in Medical City Baghdad arrived in Boston; they stayed for one week. It was an historic event, possibly the first time Iraqi nurses had come to the US for training.

The medical team with Kathy in her office

The medical team with Kathy in her office

The nurses Raghad A. Abdulhussein, RN and Kareem K. Akbawi, RN were invited and sponsored by Kathleen Houlahan, our partner from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Harvard Medical School. And we were joined by colleagues from Cairo Children’s Hospital (57357), Nesreen Fathy and Neama Fouad. They spent part of the week in Boston and part of it at the 39th APHON (Association of Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Nurses) Conference in Providence RI.

Having the Iraqi delegation in the US, working with and under the joint sponsorship of Kathy Houlahan and Claudia Lefko, director of ICAE brought the visit into the framework of Baghdad Resolve.

Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

December 2014: Dr. Mazin invited to testify at Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in Washington D.C.

(L-R)  Leslie Lehman, Congressman Jim McGovern, co-Chair TLHRC, Kathy Houlahan and Claudia Lefko in Congressional Hearing Rm.

(L-R)  Leslie Lehman, Congressman Jim McGovern, co-Chair TLHRC, Kathy Houlahan and Claudia Lefko in Congressional Hearing Rm.

Dr. Mazin Al-Jadiry was invited to speak at a hearing of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC) in Washington DC. This is the human rights arm of the US Congress; their mission “... is to promote, defend and advocate internationally recognized human rights norms in a nonpartisan manner, both within and outside of Congress, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other relevant human rights instruments.”

At the last minute, Dr. Mazin could not attend the meeting because his father fell critically ill in Baghdad; Dr. Leslie Lehman, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, read his testimony, Health in the Context of Human Rights in Iraq, into the record.

Dr. Mazin offered a personal and pfessional view from inside the country.  A narrative of the enormous challenges doctors and nurses face working to improve overall health, defined by WHO as "...a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity..." in Iraq, a country whose population is physically, mentally, socially and emotionally depleted by twenty-four years of war, economic sanctions, more war and a state of continuous instability and chaos.

The consensus Human Rights document adopted in 1948 has no binding authority.  Health as a human right is  being framed in more recent years by  the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Together, these documents broaden the concept and definition of  health by including what has come to be known as the social determinants of health, focusing attention on the impact of housing, education, food security and employment.

What we need to improve Health, to claim health as a human right in Iraq is long-term stability. This would enable our government to direct adequate and necessary financial resources to critical human needs and would enable health care providers to develop and take advantage of more international collaborations to improve our capacity to deliver quality health care to Iraqis.

Dr. Mazin Al-Jadiry, conclusion of testimony by Dr. Mazin to TLHRC

Providing Cancer Care in Challenging Circumstances: Stories from a Baghdad Hospital

Dr. Mazin talks at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Mazin talks at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Mazin was invited to make a presentation to the Harvard Medical School Dept. of Global Health and Social Medicine. He is pictured here talking to the group on September 14, 2014.

Bach to Baghdad

A musical interlude connecting people across language, culture and politics

Sunday, September 28, 2014, 2:00 p.m.
33 Hawley Street, Northampton

Bach to Baghdad is a musical interlude and humanitarian intervention. A respite, creating time and a space for reflection and communication between east and west. Baghdad and cities and towns in the US and Europe.

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2013 Visit of Experts

Working through the Ministry of Health and the administration at Children's Welfare Teaching Hospital,  Dr. Mazin Al-Jadiry and Dr. Salma Al-Haddad invited a team from La Sapienza University in Rome Italy,  and from Harvard University, Dana-Farber Children's Hospital Cancer Center in Boston, Massachusetts to  Baghdad for a week of lectures, observations, trainings, consultations, strategizing and team building.  It  was the first international team invited to Medical City in two decades.

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